2018-19 Southeastern Pacific cyclone season is a upcomming event that will begin on December 1,2018 and end on April 30, 2019 these dates coventally limit the time cyclones can form, but cyclones may form at anytime of the year but storms in between May 31 and June 1 will still count twords the season totals any cross cover storms will not count however this is the first time a season as been recorded in this basin.

2018-19 Southeastern Pacific cyclone season
First system formed Season Not Started
Last system dissipated Season Not Started
Strongest storm 0 – 0 hPa (mbar), 0 km/h (0 mph)
Total disturbances 0
Total depressions 0
Total storms 0
Tropical cyclones 0
Severe tropical cyclones 0
Total fatalities 0
Total damage $0,000 (2018-19 USD)
South Pacific tropical cyclone seasons
2019-2020, 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23, 2023-24

Seasonal Predictions

Agency Totals
Douglas Hurricane Center 10-4-1
SuperDestructiveTwister Weather Forecast Center 13-5-2


Outlooks will begin on the offical start of the season


Tropical cyclone scales#Comparisons across basins



This is the set of names used to name storms during the season these names are being used for the first time ever names were chosen by the DHC any unused names are marked in gray. The unretired names will be used during 2024-25. List for 2018-19

  • Amy (unused)
  • Bart (unused)
  • Callie (unused)
  • David (unused)
  • Emma (unused)
  • Fain (unused)
  • Ginette (unused)
  • Haloyd (unused)
  • Inari (unused)
  • Jon (unused)
  • Ko (unused)
  • Layten (unused)
  • Mannie (unused)
  • Nona (unused)
  • Osando (unused)
  • Parker (unused)
  • Ronica (unused)
  • Selia (unused)
  • Tamon (unused)
  • Vern (unused)
  • Waka (unused)

Backup List

Should the main list be used up during the season the a backup list is used containing retired names from basins all over the world if this name list is used up the greeks will fallow the first 4 names are shown.

  • Audrey (unused)
  • Bills (unused)
  • Charley (unused)
  • Dineo (unused)