Timeline of events in 2020.


  • January 2: A massive bombing by a terrorist group kills 81 people in Chicago. A plane later flew into the Willis tower and made it collapse.
  • January 20: The 46th president of the United States started their first term.
  • January 31: Cyclone Anchor makes landfall on Milwuakee, Wisconsin and kills 2,033 people.


  • February 14: Another bombing by the same group kills 102 people in Los Angeles.
  • February 15: The famous Supermarket, Wal-Mart, went bankrupt causing every store of that kind in America to close.
  • February 20: Cyclone Bailey forms and becomes the earliest category 4 cyclone in Lake Michigan.
  • February 20-25: 10% of Alaska coast sank, including a small town on the coast. Nome was partially underwater.


  • March 2: A tornado struck New York City, being the first one since 2010.
    Tornado - 22

    The New York City tornado.

    The tornado caused minor damage.
  • March 10: The terrorist group exits the United States.
  • March 31: The tallest tower in the world, Kingdom Tower, was finished at 6:36 a.m. UTC


  • April 12: A tornado effected Toronto and killed 3 people hunting Easter eggs.
  • April 25: A massive tornado outbreak in Indiana kills 400+ people and injured thousands.
    Tornado - 16

    EF5 Martinsville tornado which killed 337 people.

  • April 25: A massive tornado hits Bloomington, Martinsville, and Indianapolis, Indiana killing 337 people.
  • April 30: The largest baby boom in US history causes the United States population to rise to 500,000,000.


  • May 1: Atari started back up, creating a new version of Frogger.
  • May 22: Cyclonic Storm Ceasar kills 29 people in Michigan.
    Hurricane Force Winter Storm

    Cyclonic Storm Ceasar.

  • May 31: A train crash in Tokyo crashes into Tokyo Tower, causing $100 billion yens in damage.
  • May 31: An 8.0 earthquake hits Haiti, killing 900,000 people.


  • June 27: A shooting in Grand Central Station killed 12 people, including the proposer.


  • July 4: 4 tornadoes hit Moore, Oklahoma.
    Tornado - 31

    The strongest of the Moore tornadoes.

  • July 10: Puerto Rico becomes the 51st state.
  • July 22: Tropical Storm Dolly crossed into the South Atlantic, becoming the first to do so.
  • July 29: 4 attacks happen by a terrorist group in Canada:
  • 3,365 people are killed in a bombing in Winnipeg
  • 221 people are killed in a bombing in Edmonton.
  • 498 people are killed in a large bombing in Yellowknife.
  • 777 people are killed in a shooting in Montreal


  • August 3: The terrorist group exited North America, and aims for Moscow, Russia.
  • August 15: A new Earth is in Space in the habitat zone and 100,000 people move to the new planet.
  • August 16: A large 9.6 Earthquake strikes Missouri, killing 3,000 people.
    Hurricane Gaston landslide damage

    9.6 Earthquake

  • August 17: Ceres orbits the Earth.
  • August 21: All 8 planets line up in the orbit, causing Earth to have no light at all.
  • August 22: Mercury's orbit goes off track and orbits into the sun.
  • August 27: A long drought was experienced in the Ohio Valley.


No major events happened in September.


  • October 31: A large tornado outbreak happens on Halloween.
    Tornado - 6

    One of the tornadoes on Halloween


  • November 1: A tsunami wipes out town on the Philippines coast.
  • November 24: Cyclone Imogen kills 20,000+ people in Australia.
  • November 24: An EF4 tornado strikes Quincy, Illinois.
    Tornado Damage (6)

    Damage in Quincy.


  • December 25: The warmest Christmas was recorded.
  • December 31: The year ends.
    Tropical Cyclone Gordon (1994)

    Cyclone Imogen