2023 New Madrid Quake
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The Quake caused numerous levee failures along the Mississippi River
Date July 19th, 2023
Time 8:58 AM
Duration 1 minute (60 Seconds)
Magnitude 7.1 (moment magnitude scale)
Depth 17.2km
Epicenter 36°59'N, 89°59'W
Type Partial Rift
Areas affected US Midwest, any places in the vicinity of the New Madrid Fault
Total damages $65-80 billion
Maximum intensity VII - Major
Foreshocks Unknown
Aftershocks 3,016 - which lasted till the end of February 2025.
Total casualties 2,012 dead, 31,887 injured, 6,500 missing

The 2023 New Madrid Quake was probably the Strongest Quake to be Spawned by the New Madrid Fault since the 1800s.


The New Madrid fault zone is a well known geographic fault zone located in the Midwest of North America

The Event

Starting January 1st, 2017, Scientists at USGS noted increased Strain along the New Madrid Fault Zone

  • The New Madrid Earthquake Zone in relation to the US
  • Damage caused to buildings after the Quake
  • The Earthquake caused a Partial Crack along I-65