2027 Birmingham, England tornado This was an unusually powerful UK tornado, which demolished most of Birmingham City Centre over the space of 45minutes.

Tornado - 165

The Birmingham EF9 from 5miles away


An unusually strong jet stream moved over England late on June 17th, 2027. the system then managed to collide with a stationary high pressure area, destabilizing it. As the system strengthened, it became evident that a supercell had developed within the convective activity, and the tornado finally touched down at 1355UTC on the 18th.

Tornado history

The tornado initially touched down near the Birmingham Bullring, and rapidly intensified, demolishing the shopping centre at EF7 intensity just 12 minutes after formation. The system then moved up New Street, reaching peak strength before weakening as it approached New Street Station.


Due to its slow movement, this tornado was responsible for £5.2 billion in economic damages, and 96 people perished. it took several years to rebuild the city centre, and over the coming years, £22.89 trillion was lost in the shopping sector of employment.