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People can make all sorts of Hypothetical Events. Please read over the Wiki Policy before joining this wiki. If you need any help with anything, message any one of our staff members for information. Please read our noticeboard daily if you are an elected Counter-Vandalism Unit of the wiki, and please attend meetings on our wiki's discord every time there might be an issue that should be resolved.

Welcome to the Hypothetical Events Wiki!
The wiki on which you can create your own hypothetical Events.

Hypothetical Events Wiki - 2,281 articles and 42,799 edits edited by 13 active users
This wikia is for people who want to make articles for all kinds of Hypothetical Events, as they have come to their wonderful imagination. This wiki is where you can let your imagination run wild and create whatever Hypothetical Event comes to you're mind! Past, Present or Future! So let's see what you got!
A special thanks to Shurow Wiki, a wiki of Mariocart25Charizard's for the green-colored template you see on the front page, and to charly__6__ for the black-colored template too!
Let's get editing!

You can even watch How-To Videos, depending on what you wanna learn:

Latest Hypothetical Events wiki news:

News of 2014:

  • EFFECTIVE September 8, 2014, Hypothetical Events Wiki was founded!

News of 2015:

  • EFFECTIVE May 12, 2015, starting Today, this wiki will receive new changes and new things.
  • EFFECTIVE July 11, 2015, How-To Videos have been added to help New or Inexperienced Editors.
  • EFFECTIVE October 15, 2015, New templates are now being created on this wiki, so that we can do a new variety of things - tsunamis, asteroids, the list will go on!!
  • EFFECTIVE October 23, 2015, A New Look has been given to the Wiki to Celerate it's First Anniversary.

News of 2016:

  • EFFECTIVE March 1, 2016, Hypothetical Events Wiki had hit it's 500th Article!
  • EFFECTIVE April 14, 2016, Hypothetical Events Wiki had hit it's 1,000th Article!!
  • EFFECTIVE September 8, 2016, Hypothetical Events Wiki celebrated it's 2nd Birthday!

News of 2018:

  • EFFECTIVE January 28, 2018, Hypothetical Events Wiki is undergoing precautionary protection from vandals.
  • EFFECTIVE May 3, 2018, Hypothetical Events Wiki hits its 2,000th article!!
  • EFFECTIVE May 12, 2018, Hypothetical Events Wiki is being lifted from extreme protection of various high-traffic pages.
  • EFFECTIVE August 2, 2018, TornadoGenius has become our new wiki leader! Doug is now a bureaucrat and Dane is our new admin. Congrats!
  • EFFECTIVE October 19, 2018, major renovations and updates are being done to the wiki to fix bugs and messiness.

News of 2019:

  • EFFECTIVE April 6, 2019, our administration voted on the ban of pages about mass shootings in real locations or directed at real people, in a vote of 3-1.
  • EFFECTIVE November 9, 2019, TornadoGenius resigned and SuperDestructiveTwister became the new wiki leader.
  • Welcome to Hypothetical Events! New to the Wiki? There is a lot you can do!
  • Love Hurricanes? You can Create your own Hypothetical Hurricane Seasons and other Hurricane Related Articles here!
  • Do Tornadoes Blow your Mind? You can create Hypothetical Tornado Outbreaks and other Tornado Related Articles Here!
  • Feeling Shaky? Why not make your Own Hypothetical Earthquakes?
  • Feeling Hot AND Shaky? How about some Hypothetical Volcanoes?
  • Feeling Chilly? Try making some Hypothetical Winter Storm Events. :)
  • Looking for great waves? How about Hypothetical Tsunamis?
  • Are we at War? Fight back with your own Hypothetical Wars!
  • Approaching an Election? Why not hold a Hypothetical Election? (Presidential or Otherwise)
  • Movies coming soon? Try making a Hypothetical Movie!
  • Hoping to win the Lottery? Try creating a Hypothetical Lottery Event!
  • Something happening to the Economy? Try creating a Hypothetical Economic Event!
  • New Planet? Why not some Hypothetical Planets?
  • Asteroid about to hit? Of course we've got Hypothetical Asteroids!
  • Do Blackholes really Suck? Why not make a hypothetical blackhole?
  • Got a favorite TV Show? Why not create the next big (Hypothetical) TV Show?!
  • Something being Invented? Why not some Hypothetical Inventions?
  • Is there a Concert going on? Why not Hold a Hypothetical Concert?
  • You can do all those things and much more here! So let's see what you've got, shall we? :)

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But those were mainly Wikis where you could make articles ONLY about the same thing in Question, and those Wikis were PURELY/Mainly disaster wikis. (Especially since one of which has Disaster in the name)

Hypothetical Events Wiki was created and Designed for a wider range of things, MANY more things.

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