The article contains all of the hurricane seasons in the atlantic from 2017-present

Year Totals Storms Total Hurricanes Total Majors Strongest Storm Retired Name(s) Notes
2017 19 10 6 Katia Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria, Ophelia, Tammy Second most Names retired (6), back to back pre-season storms in months (Arlene and Bret)
2018 15 5 4 Helene Debby, Gordon, Helene, Joyce Earliest major since Emily (Debby), worst storm since Matthew (Helene)
2019 17 7 4 Karen Barry, Dorian, Karen, Rebekah Has a pre-season storm (Andrea), features worse storms in Carribean since 1998 (Karen and Rebekah
2020 13 6 3 Edouard Dolly, Edouard, Gonzalo, Hanna First Season to have almost all storms make landfall, Worst storm to strike the Yucatan Peninsula since Wilma (Edouard), First Storm to strike Jacksonville, Florida since 2012 (Gonzalo)
2021 10 5 4 Henri Claudette, Henri, Ida, Julian Worse Season for Western Gulf, Costliest storms in South and Central America (Ida and Julian)
2022 18 12 3 Paula Earl. Paula Deadliest storm since Mitch (Paula), includes a post-season storm, Earliest start since 2001
2023 6 2 1 Cindy None Latest Start since 2014, least active since 2014, least amount of named storms since 1992
2024 14 9 3 Kirk Ernesto, Kirk Worst storm in Florida since Gonzalo (Ernesto), Worst storm in Cuba since Karen (Kirk), most active since 2022 (14 named storms), First season to have to pre-season storms since 2017 (Alberto and Beryl)
2025 21 9 6 Olga Erin, Humberto, Jerry, Melissa, Olga, Sebastien, Wendy Most names retired in a single season (7), includes a pre-season storm, deadliest since 2022, first season to reach V and W name since 2005, second most active on record.
2026 16 8 4 Marco Marco and Paulette First season to not feature a category 5 since 2015, worst season for Dominican Republic since 2019 (Marco), Worst system in Central Texas since 1983 (Paulette)