Rocket-X (UT99 Weapon)

Invention Date

August 5th, 2077

Weapon Type

Warhead Launcher

Ammo Type

Strange Ammo

Projectile Type


Invention Location

Bismarck (US)

The Rocket-X is a deadly weapon and Warhead launcher commonly featured as a Downloadable weapon in the Popular 1999 Game Unreal Tournament.


The Rocket-X is a weapon that fires a Nuclear weapon much like the Redeemer. The

UT99 Weapon - RocketX Jet

The Rocket-X in Flight (Jet Mode)

Rocket-X can be considered as the offspring of the Redeemer due to similar build but featuring different varying colors, this weapon fires a fast Enemy Seeking Missile that Detonates in a Large Nuclear Blast, sometimes Consisting of smaller Explosions within the Blast.

Its secondary fire launches off a Jet, which the occupant controls, the Jet can fire machine gun bullets when Primarily Fired, and Acceleration when Alternately fired. The Jets run on Fuel Pods which can be picked up near a Flag Base when used in CTF.

Additional Info

"Giant Yet Portable Anti-Everything Rocket."
―Unreal Tournament weapon description
  • Weapon type: Thermo-Nuclear Device (War Head Launcher)
  • Ammo limit: 1 (Depending on the Rocket-X Version, But can be Changed through the .ini)
  • Weapon Setting: 0
  • Textures: SLV2textures
  • Sounds: SLV2sounds
  • Other: It Replaces the Redeemer if used as a Mutator


  • This Weapon can be Downloaded as a Mutator/Add-On wherever Downloadable Mutators can be found.
  • This Weapon has multiple Versions, Ranging from RocketX to RocketX3F3Beta