Hyper Tornado

The Cat. 5 Kansas City Hyper Tornado

Sign Wide, quick spinning funnel cloud.
Type Extreme
Comes from whatcloud? CumulonimbusWall, or Funnel.
Effect Deathinjurydamage and destruction of property.

The Hyper Tornado

The Hyper Tornado is a violent rotating column of air, similar to a tornado, that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud. The description is exactly as a tornado, but with a few extra traits. Some hyper tornadoes can reach wind speeds of 450 mph. The common F-0 moves very quickly, in special cases up to 80 mph. An F-5 can move as slow as 2 mph. 


The six categories for the EHTF scale are listed below, in order of increasing intensity. Although the wind speeds and photographic damage examples are updated, the damage descriptions given are those from the Hyper Tornado Fujita scale, which are more or less still accurate. However, for the actual EHTF scale in practice, damage indicators (the type of structure which has been damaged) are predominately used in determining the hyper tornado intensity.[3]

Scale Wind speed


Forward Speed (Estimated)

Example of tornado
mph km/h mph
EF0 <90 <144 ~60-85 [2]
EF1 91-130 145-209 ~55-70 [3]
EF2 131-150 210-241 ~45-55 [4]
EF3 151-175 211-282 ~30-40 [5]
EF4 176-210 212-338 ~20-25 [6]
EF5 >210 >339 ~20> [7]