The 2020 April 1-9 North Texas-South OKlahoma Tornado Outbreak
Date of tornado outbreak: April 1-9 2020
Duration1: April 1, 3:46 UTC to April 9, 5:31 UTC
Maximum rated tornado2: EF7 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 1230.44
Damages: 144.9M$
Fatalities: 62.3
Areas affected: South OK, North TX

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

The 2020 April 1-9 North Texas-South Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak was the longest outbreak ever recorded, lasting for 9 days.

With the strongest tornado being an EF7, that was measured with winds of 300 mph, it was measured in a tornado out in the border of Oklahoma and Texas.

it originated from a huge supercell that formed over the Borders of Oklahoma and Texas. spawning the first tornado in April 1 3:46 UTC and the last tornado to dissipated in April 9 5:31 UTC

Tornado Count

1230 341(3 anti cyclonic) 299(40 anti cyclonic) 189 154(1 anti cyclonic) 121 109 9 8

Meteorological History

in March 31, a supercell formed in the panhandle of Texas, of which strengthens and widens until it reaches South OK, by the time the supercell engulfed Northern TX and Southern OK, it covers Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, San Angelo, Oddesa and Wichita Falls in Texas, Harmon, Greer, Kiowa, Jackson, Tillman, Cotton, Comanche, Stephens, Jefferson, Love, Carter, Marshall, Johnston, Byran, Atoka and Choctaw County's of Oklahoma.

after a day, the supercell formed it's first tornado, an anti-cyclonic EF-0 in Lubbock, Texas that formed in 3:43 UTC, which causes no damage after it's dissipation in Midland, Texas. after that, the supercell continues to go continue it's rampage throughout the state, spawning the strongest tornado in the borders of Texas and Oklahoma.

the super cell formed from the remnants of a hurricane that battered Southern Texas, the remnants then counter acted with a cold front and a hot front, causing it to become a giant supercell.

Notable Tornadoes

EF# Location of Peak Intensity Time of Peak Intensity (UTC) Comments/Damage
EF7 Middle of the TX and OK Border 5:32 PM - 5:35PM

Despite being a strong, long tornado it only caused minimal damage since it was in a sparsely populated area, but despite this, the tornado ki

lled 5 loggers.

It formed in 3:41 PM at April 7, as a 12 meter long funnel cloud in the Western Border of Oklahoma and Texas, in 4:02, it is already in the ground as an EF2 with winds of 115, it passes a forest where it kills 5 loggers, it strengthens into a EF4 it 10 minutes, at 4:56, it strengthens into a EF6, where it is already 2/3 miles wide, it gradually stays as it slowly strengthens into an EF7 at 5:32 PM, after 3 minutes, it rapidly begins to weaken, at 5:59, it's out of the ground as a EF1, at 6:07, it is a EF0, in 6:08, it died out.

EF# Location of Peak Intensity Time of Peak Intensity (UTC)



S of Amarillo


an EF1 touched down in North of Midland at 1:11PM at April 3, it then directly hitted a huge building as a funnel, already causing damage as a EF3 on the ground, it crosses the plains between Midland and Lubbock, causing considerable damage on many farmlands and ripping corn crops to the point that the corn turn's to debris, it then strengthens to a EF4 in 2:44, it hits Lubbock as an EF5, causing major damage, it culls 121 men and 123 women, it destroys cement house's roofs, throwing mobile homes up to 4 miles away and merely destroying wooden houses and small foundations, it strengthens into an EF6 before it even leaves Lubbock, it is already 1.9 miles wide, it snaps branches, large and small trees, and grass of the grass leaving a barren landscape behind, 12 miles away from Amarillo, it strengthens into it's peak EF7 in 3:21 while widening from 1.9 miles to 2.3 miles wide, only a kilameter away from Amarillo, it weakens into a EF6 at 3:29, causing extreme damage in Amarillo, causing houses to jump high and disintigrate, it crosses downtown, throwing cars to other buildings, trucks to other houses, and gas tanks to trucks, causing a widespread panic and a fire, it caused havoc everywhere, it weakens into a EF5 in 3:44, weakening further into a EF2 in 4:01, it turns into a rope tornado at 4:09, it dissipates completely at 4:14


  • The Border Tornado at it's peak EF7
  • The Lubbock Tornado in the Plains of Midland
  • The Lubbock Tornado at it's peak while approaching Amarillo
  • A brief EF1 devastates Jefferson County in Oklahoma
  • An EF6 Tornado battering Arlington, Texas
  • An EF6 Tornado with a twin EF6 tornado in Arlington
  • Another EF6 tornado in Kiowa,Texas
  • Another EF6 with an EF0 in Carter County, Oklahoma
  • Another EF6 in Love County(weird isn't it?)
  • A Slightly Rain Covered EF6 Tornado nearing the Fort Worth Area
  • An EF6 in Atoka County, Oklahoma weakening
  • An EF5 Tornado in Amarillo
  • An EF5 in Jefferson County, Oklahoma
  • An EF5 in Ardmore, Oklahoma
  • An EF5 in Idabel, Oklahoma wrecking havoc
  • An EF5 battering Lawton, Oklahoma
  • An EF5 Tornado battering Hugo, Oklahoma
  • Another EF5 tornado in Ardmore, Oklahoma
  • An EF5 that passed from Wichita Falls.