Tropical Depression 13W
Tropical depression (SSHS)
13W 2020

13W at peak strength.
Formed March 10
Dissipated March 12
Accumulated Cyclone Energy Not included.
Highest winds 35 mph
Lowest pressure 1000 mbar
Damages Minimal
Direct Fatalities None
Indirect Fatalities None
Missing None
Areas affected Russia (Sakhalin)
Part of the
2020 Pacific typhoon season

Tropical Depression 13W was a weak cyclone that affected Russia. It created little damage.

Meteorological history

13W 2020

Track of 13W

The origins of 13W was from a dying cold front near Amur Oblast. The cold front moved toward the Sea of Okhotsk and spawned a small, tight low pressure area on March 9. The next day, the low pressure rapidly strengthened and JMA and JTWC started issuing advisories for Tropical Depression 13W. The depression was unusually small and had small rainbands. On the same day, it made a direct hit near Sakhalin Oblast. 13W reached peak strength on March 11, while still in Sea of Okhotsk. Low sea surface temperatures later caused the depression to weaken slowly. On March 12, 13W made landfall on the Kamchatka Krai and turned extratropical. The extratropical remnants made landfall near Quinhagak, Alaska and dissipated.


13W dumped 1 centimeter of rain in Sakhalin. In Kamchatka, the rain was measured ½ centimeter. Little or no damage was created and no watches and warnings were issued for 13W.


13W was the northernmost forming tropical cyclone on record, at 55° north.