On Jan. 1 2019 a disturbance over Montana started to interact with a upper level low and Winter Storm Warnings were posted for the whole area. The new low deepened from 1002mb to 987mb. TWC then named it Ghidorah. It went southwest and over Nebraska it massively exploded to 943mb. 59" of snow were reported in North Platte and Kearney,NE. 61" were reported in Grand Island, NE. Massive traffic jams and crashes were reported in Omaha, Witchita, Kansas City, and St. Louis. In St. Louis especially, 186 crashes and accidents were reported and 79 people died, and 37 people were injured. On the 5th Ghidorah went to North Carolina and all of South Carolina, East Georgia and North Florida was covered in Freezing Rain. In Atlanta, 9" of snow was reported, it caused the worst jam since Jan. 2014. As it went up the coast it deepened to 928mb. It brought the worst damage to the East Coast since Hurricane Grace in 2015. The highest snow total up the coat was 85" in Poughkeepsie. The total damage from the storm was $ 9 billion (2019 US)